Wham-O Original Hula Hoops with Shoop Sound

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Nothing is more fun than an Original Wham-O brand Hula Hoop. Sold in sets of 3, 6 or 12, these hoops are perfect for kids rooms, schools, gym classes, exercise programs and more. Also makes a great party fun toy

The Wham-O Original Hula Hoops with Shoop Sound Features Include

  • ORIGINAL Famous Brand Wham-O Hula Hoop
  • Includes 3 different sizes; 32" diameter, 34" diameter and 36" diameter hoops
  • Each Hula Hoop has a special ball bearing inside that creates the original "shoop" sound when used
  • Available in sets of 3 each, 6 each or 12 each
  • Ideal fun for kids and adults of all ages
  • Perfect for exercising!
(Colors shipped may vary from colors shown on website)