Wham-O Freestyle 160g Frisbee Flying Disc

Color: Blue
Sale price$ 12.99


The Wham-O Freestyle Frisbee Disc is the original disc for the sport and performing art characterized by creative, acrobatic, and athletic maneuvers with a flying disc

The Wham-O Freestyle 160g Frisbee Flying Disc Features Include

  • Original Wham-O brand Frisbee Disc
  • Discs weigh approximately 160 grams
  • Freestyle discs measure approximately 10-1/2" diameter x 1-1/4" High
  • Designed along side Freestyle Disc Pros
  • Designed to float better for the best trick action
  • Wham-O world class disc design
  • Great for Freestyle competitions
  • Fun at the beach, at the park, in the yard and more
  • Ideal for ages 5 years and older

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