Heat Shrink Tubing in Assorted Metric Sizes 127 Pc Kit

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Useful set of heat shrinkable tubing in popular and hard to find metric sizes. These tubes will shrink up to half their original diameter

The Metric Heat Shrink Tubing in Assorted Sizes Features Include

  • 127 each metric sized Polyolefin heat shrink tubes
  • Tubes shrink down up to half the original diameter
  • Includes 30pc 2.0 x 40mm, 25pc 2.5 x 40mm, 20pc 3.5 x 40mm, 20pc 5.0 x 40mm, 16pc 7.0 x 80mm, 8pc 10 x 80mm, 8pc 13 x 85mm tubes
  • Ideal for electrical repairs, wiring harnesses, automotive repairs, hobbyists and much more
  • Convenient resealable plastic case with sizing and storage chart