Grizzly Snow 126cm Deluxe Kid's Beginner Red and Black Snowboard

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Great snowboard designed by Grizzly Snow which combines the most requested features for a kid's beginner snowboard such as ratcheting adjustable bindings and sharp edges

The Grizzly Snow 126cm Deluxe Kid's Beginner Snowboard Features Include

  • The Grizzly Snow 126cm snowboard measures approximately 126cm (49.6") long x 24.77cm (9-3/4") wide at widest part
  • Features adjustable ratchet type bindings to hold feet secure and ankles straight for regular or goofy foot riders
  • Our ratchet type bindings work with regular snow boots, boots or shoes. Snowboard boots are not required
  • Bindings are adjustable using a ratcheting lever and feature a quick release lever for easy foot removal
  • Boards feature sharp edges for maximum control when cornering and carving down the hills
  • Heavy duty blow molded design and construction for durability and long life
  • Ideal for riders weighing and up to 160 lbs

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