Rustic Garden Produce Basket Canister Planters (Set of 3)

$ 129.99
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These rustic product themed canisters are a perfect place for your potted plants or other garden supplies. The main housing is a tin, round enclosure with handles. Features a extraordinary design, and is tinted in a distressed, earthy surface to make it look aged with superior quality. Made for the outdoors, but can be used in the home as well.

The Rustic Garden Canister Planters Features

  • Quality Tin Construction
  • Comes in a set of Three 
  • Each measures 15" x 12" x 13½"
  • Metal tags on Baskets Read: Carrots, Tomatos, & Sweet Corn
  • Planters nest for easy storage
  • Not guaranteed watertight
  • Paint patterns and patina may vary